Mission Statement:

The Equus United Foundation (formerly the EponaQuest Foundation Inc.) was founded by leaders and pioneers in the field of Equine Facilitated Experiential Learning (“EFEL”) to support educators and researchers in their quest to advance human development, healing, transformation and leadership through the wisdom and power of the horse.


EQF has 501(c)(3) tax exempt status to be an educational, research and community service corporation that creates working relationships with individuals and organizations seeking funding for projects in the field of EFEL.  We support programs that foster emotional intelligence (“EQ”), social intelligence, conflict resolution and long-term cultural transformation. We sponsor research and curriculum development as well as act as a “pass-through organization” whereby we raise funds and provide support to professionals seeking funding through 501(c)3 not for profit channels.

Four Key Pillars of the Foundation:

  • Research and Curriculum Development: The Equus United Foundation applies for grants and raises funds from individuals and other sources to support research and curriculum development that will, in turn, support mainstream acceptance of the field of Equine Facilitated Mental Health and Experiential Learning (EFMH & EL) as  effective educational and therapeutic modalities.
  • Grants & Financial Assistance: The EQ Foundation acts as a “pass-through” funding organization for qualified programs and facilitators who would like to apply for grants that require non-profit status.
  • Best Practices: The EQ Foundation establishes best practices for care and treatment of horses, as well as standards for how human clients are treated.
  • Outreach and Education: An ongoing priority of the EQ Foundation is to educate increasingly mainstream audiences (schools, military, corporate, social, political, personal development and mental health organizations) about the effectiveness of EFMH & EL practices, fostering widespread awareness of this growing field.

The true pioneers of the 21st century are those who figure out how to tap the vast resources of nonverbal intelligence. In this respect, horses provide the ultimate shortcut—as they always have.

— Linda Kohanov
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